I See CBN And Jagan As Same - Nagababu

Mon Feb 18 2019 15:18:58 GMT+0530 (IST)

Nagababu decided to take on NBK, CBN and TDP in support of Janasena and he did say that he is unhappy about YSRCP too.

He is taking on TDP with short films and videos on the Government and their party works at the same time.  

He in an interview said why he is doing so, all of a sudden. He said, "I am personally not against to any person. I will be happy to work with any person without any issue.

But Balakrishna did hurt me and my family, my brothers too at different occasions even when it is not required.

My elder brother Chiranjeevi likes to be a friend of everyone but Kalyan isn't like that. I have been silent for my elder brother and also as PK supported TDP.

Today, both my brothers have different political attitudes and Janasena is taking PRP's real spirit forward. So, without joining JSP, I am doing all this to support my brother. "

He further said, "In 2014, Jagan seemed to be in a winning position and Pawan thought CBN is the right choice, then. Today, we fear both of them and there is a need for alternative to survive and rise!"