Nara Brahmani opens up on Films & Politics

Sun May 07 2017 18:08:36 GMT+0530 (IST)

Heritage Foods Executive Director Nara Brahmani has given an exclusive interview in which she shared many interesting details about her professional and personal life.

Heritage: 'My Father-in-Law started Heritage 25 Years ago. On-Time Payments have been made to all the farmers during this period and there is no delay what-so-ever. I will seek the opinion of My Father-in-Law and Husband if such a situation arises'.  

Films & Politics: 'Mom is very strict when it comes to Studies. In Holidays, We used to attend Workshops. We never used to go for shootings. That's why we weren't keen to make a career in films. Even Politics isn't my cup of tea'.

Devaansh: 'He is my stress buster. I will cater full time to family when I reach my house'.  

Lokesh: 'In the past, Lokesh used to be in touch with me by sharing messages. He wasn't even sending messages after becoming Minister. Lokesh was able to see Devaansh only once in two weeks. I'm not complaining as he have huge targets to achieve'.

Childhood: 'I used to be chubby then. Teachers and Friends used to tease me a lot. I lost oodles of weight with active participation in sports and by hitting the gym. My Mother-in-Law has been an inspiration to Me when it comes to fitness. She lost 60 kgs in a span of one year. I am a foodie and food my weakness. I wish to eat well on special occasions. I even like visiting restaurants'.

Goal: 'Wishes to increase the turnover of Heritage to Rs 6,000 crore from Rs 2,400 crore in the next 5 years'.