Two Patels And One MLA Seat

Tue Oct 23 2018 09:38:02 GMT+0530 (IST)

In Mudhol constituency of Telangana, there is a serious war brewing between two Patels - Rama Rao Patel and Narayan Rao Patel. Both are blood brothers and both want the Congress ticket. This battle between the brothers is becoming a serious issue with senior leaders in the party backing one Patel or the other.

Narayana Rao Patel had won on the TDP ticket and joined the TRS after KCR became the chief minister. His brother Ramarao Patal stayed in the Congress and worked to strengthen it. Now, with KCR denying him a ticket, Narayana Rao is back in the Congress. As a result, both the brothers are in the Congress. Narayana Rao Patel now wants the party ticket to contest from Mudhol. This has set him against Rama Rao, who feels he has toiled for the party during the troubled times and richly deserves the rewards.. Both the Patels have tried to show their strength by mobilizing huge crowds for the Bhainsa meeting of Rahul Gandhi. There is a stiff competition among both the Patels.

Insiders say the DCC is backing Rama Rao, but Narayana Rao claims support of several key leaders in the TPCC. Both are hopeful of the ticket and both are busy campaigning.  However, there is a criticism that Narayana Rao remained inactive all these years and is now trying to grab the party ticket. Rama Rao Patel had in fact worked hard to keep the party organization alive. So, which Patel will ultimately get the ticket? Let's wait and see!!