Will Narendra Modi Contest From Odisha?

Wed Mar 13 2019 09:51:09 GMT+0530 (IST)

Will Narendra Modi, known to fox his opponents with his Machiavellian moves, spring another surprise this time? Will he contest from Puri in Odisha to boost the prospects of the BJP in East India? Will he ensure that the BJP gets more seats in West Bengal and Odisha so that he can eclipse Mamta Banerjee and Navin Patnaik, two powerful regional leaders?

Yes. It appears so. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is all set to contest for the Lok Sabha from Puri. This will help the BJP in Odisha to improve its tally. If he contests from Puri, this will help the party defeat Navin Patnaik's BJD in the assembly elections also. The Odisha BJP is upbeat about this. So far, PM Narendra Modi or the national level BJP leadership have not denied this. As a result, there is a strong buzz that he is all set to contest from Puri. Puri has been a BJP stronghold and the party hopes this move will actually help the BJP do better in Eastern states. Already, the northeastern states, including Assam, are in the BJP kitty.

This will also help the BJP improve its overall tally as this could offset the likely BJP losses  in UP, where a strong SP-BSP alliance could eat into its seats.