Modi-Shah Ready Up Plan B

Mon Apr 15 2019 13:42:23 GMT+0530 (IST)

Modi-Shah pair is known for their quick-silver thinking and precise planning. They think differently and act differently. On one hand, they are straining their every nerve to get a complete majority in Parliament so that they can form a government on their own. On the other hand, they are also preparing for what to do if their party falls short of majority. Thus, Modi has his Plan B ready.

While the Modi-Shah jodi feels that the Congress will not be able to get more than 110 seats. The BJP, they feel will get a comfortable majority. If it does not get adequate majority, they would join hands with friendly and amenable parties to form the government. If the BJP gets 200 seats on its own, this plan would be implemented. If it gets less than that, the BJP would rather prefer to sit in the Opposition. But, Modi will not be an opposition leader. In his place, Amit Shah will become the Leader of the Opposition.

Why Amit Shah? Party insiders say that this move is intended to put a check to Nithin Gadkari, who is also in the race for party leadership. To prevent him from becoming the leader of Opposition, Shah will take that responsibility. But the question is - will they need a Plan B at all? Well! One needs to wait till May 23 to know that.