Rapes - What Modi Advised Parents?

Tue Apr 24 2018 19:11:31 GMT+0530 (IST)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Today claimed the ordinance moved to ensure stringent punishment for Rape Accused shows the determination of NDA Government to address the issue. He, however, stressed best results can be achieved if parents respect their daughters and make their sons more responsible.

While addressing people at a rally, Modi proudly announced Capital Punishment for those who raped Minor Girls became a reality just because there is a Government in Delhi which listens to your voice and takes decisions. He stresses the need for launching a social movement to change the atmosphere, so that women in the country feels safe.

Just alike the Mahesh Ads which have been attached to film discs, Government should aggressively promote the death penalty for raping girls under the age of 12 and increase of jail term for those who rape under 16-Year-Old Girls & Women. Only with more awareness about the dire consequences & delivering verdicts in quick time using fast track courts, There could be some change in the society.