Netaji didn't die in Air Crash: Secret Report

Mon Jul 17 2017 17:20:53 GMT+0530 (IST)

Indian Government has appointed 3-Commissions till date to figure out how Subhas Chandra Bose passed away. While Shah Nawaz Committee (1956) & Khosla Commission (1970) confirmed death in an air crash on August 18th, 1945 at Taihoku Airport in Taipei, Mukherjee Commission (1999) reached the conclusion that he didn't die in air crash. However, The Government disapproved the findings of Mukherjee Committee.

Historian JBR More who is a Paris national came across a French Secret Report dated December 11th, 1947 at the National Archives of France. No confirmation has been made that Netaji died in an air crash in Taiwan. In addition, It's been mentioned that whereabouts of Bose were unknown as on December 11th, 1947.

Bose was introduced as Ex-chief of the Indian Independence League and Member of Japanese Organisation Hikari Kikan in the Secret Report. It even mentioned that Netaji escaped from Indochina though details of how he managed to do so weren't stated.