Nirav Modi Has Links With Guntur Bigshot!

Tue Mar 13 2018 13:55:53 GMT+0530 (IST)

Punjab National Bank scam has created a sensation at the international level, not just in India.  We all know that the main suspect in the scam is Nirav Modi and he escaped from India to a foreign country.  Several crucial developments are happening in the Nirav Modi case slowly.  

The investigative agency CBI who is handling PNB scam recently revealed a sensational aspect in the scam that Nirav has links in the Telugu states.  When CBI  started investigating Nirav Modi links and the companies which have done financial transactions with him, they found out that he has link with a Guntur Based bigshot.

The investigative officers initially thought that Nirav has links in only Mumbai.. Delhi.  But they also started exploring the possibilities Nirav's links in other states.  When they were gathering the information in this angle, they found out that an automobile dealer from Guntur said to have maintained relations with Nirav Modi.  The officers found out that some transactions took place between him and Nirav.

CBI is presently going through the bank transactions of the automobile dealer and they reportedly found some crucial evidence as well.  They may call him for questioning soon as per the latest reports.  This automobile dealer's links with Nirav Modi became a hot topic in the AP capital area now.