Center gives assurance on H1B visa issue

Mon Mar 20 2017 22:04:58 GMT+0530 (IST)

Central government has assured that there is no need to worry on H1B Visa-Illegal immigration issue.  Central minister Nirmala Sitaraman has responded on H1B visa issue to a question during the question hour.  She told that there is no need to worry on this issue.  She revealed that Indian government is having discussions with USA on the latest decisions of American Visa policy.  While answering BJP MP Prahlad Joshi's question on Indo-US bilateral trade relations, Nirmala Sitaraman told that India is not on the watchlist.

On the other hand, US Immigration Agency notified that aspirants can apply for H1B applications for the next financial year from April 3.  They did not specify the last date for accepting the applications.  Usually applications will be accepted in the first five working days.  Financial year will start in the USA from October 1, 2017.  Even though Immigraton Agency announced temporary suspension on H1B applications recently.. they have stepped back on the decision.  Indian IT companies heaved a sigh of relief with the latest development that there will be no changes in the in rules of H1B visa processing.

America issues 85 thousand H1B visas every year.   Out of these 85 thousand visas.. 20 thousand visas will be issued to the foreign students of American Universities who completed masters degree or further education.   Immigration Services Agency revealed that companies will have the opportunity to appoint the manpower with specialized skills into their companies with the help of H1B visas.  US Citizenship & Immigration Services will scrutinize the applications.. and they will issue another notification after the number of applications reaches the limit.  On the other hand,  they have hiked the fee of filing I-129 to $ 460.