No Government in Telangana till May?

Sat Jan 12 2019 09:38:29 GMT+0530 (IST)

Why is KCR not focusing on governance and administration? Why is he not focusing on ministry formation and delegation of responsibilities to the ministers? Why is he busy touring different parts of the country without working on the issues of the state?

Those close to KCR say that KCR is focusing on other things because of the election code. With the panchayat polls on, the election code is in force and there is pretty much nothing that KCR can do for another 40 days. He cannot implement any scheme or make any big announcement. It is because of this that he is unable to announce Aasara pensions or honorarium to the youth or even extension of retirmement age.

Immediately after this, there would be Lok Sabha elections. Again the election code will come into force. Thus, KCR would be busy with strategising for these elections. So, till May end, do not expect the Telangana government to do anything worth the while. The government will be in sleep mode. KCR will of course be busy planning to win maximum number of seats in both these elections.