Make America Happy Again !

Mon Mar 20 2017 22:20:20 GMT+0530 (IST)

Do you know which is the happiest country in the world? Do you know which country citizens are the happiest lot ? According to the United Nations Happiness Report,  Norway achieved the first rank.  Survey was conducted on the pretext that .. "How happy are people? why they are so happy?"

Six key variables are used for deciding the happiness in this report.."income, healthy life expectancy, having someone to count on in times of trouble, generosity, freedom and trust, with the latter measured by the absence of corruption in business and government."

The survey declared that people of Norway are the happiest in the world.  Top five places were occupied by Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, Finland.  Central Africa stood in the last place.  

West Europe, North American countries occupied the top slots in the Happiness Table. USA is in 14th position, UK in 19th.  Sub Sahara African countries lagged behind in the happiness scoring.  Syria which is struggling with the internal war stood in 152nd place.  United Nations celebrates International Day of Happiness on March 20 every year.  They have released The World Happiness Report to mark this occasion.

Another interesting thing is that America which is considered as a dream country to live in.. is not that happy.  Even though America is getting stronger financially,  happiness is on the decline among the citizens.. and happier situations are also on the decline in the country.  The Happiness report clarified that happiness levels will increase in America again.. only if social ills are eliminated.  Corruption and increasing inequality are contributing factors for decline in happiness among American citizens.

Jeffrey D. Sachs, the author of the report wrote that the policies of President Trump will make things worse in America.  Trump's slogan for his elections campaign was "Make America great again".  The situation has completely changed now.. someone should make America happy again !