No Paid-Sex without Aadhaar in this State!

Sun Dec 17 2017 17:18:16 GMT+0530 (IST)

Women in Flesh Trade have been demanding their customers to furnish Aadhaar Card first for having sex with them. Few Men who went to Goa from Delhi for bachelor's party recently received a rude shock.

Upon reaching the hotel close to a North Goa beach, These Bachelors contacted the Agent for getting sexual favours from five girls. Then, The Middleman promised to call them after sometime with necessary arrangements only to inquire if it's real or a police trap. After reaching the conclusion that its a genuine call, The Middleman sought Aadhaar card scans of each of them via WhatsApp apart from the picture of their room keys with hotel tag. Though the boys got shocked, They decided to provide all the information. Thereafter, A recce was conducted near the hotel premises to check if there is any danger.

Despite all the background checks, More number of girls willn't be supplied even if customers place such a demand. Why because, Entire earnings will collapse if all the girls they have get caught by cops at once.

Goa Police have been cracking down on flesh trade in the state. An Officer told Tourists get cheated in ninety percent of the cases. The Agent asks Customer to look at the Girl waving hands while standing in the balcony and he collects the amount. When the Tourist knocks the room, Nobody opens the door and people in nearby apartments come out to check what's happening. Even these people are planted by the Agent and they create a scene to force the customer to leave the place.