Old City locals ask Owaisi to go back!

Mon Nov 05 2018 23:46:30 GMT+0530 (IST)

We all thought Asaduddin Owaisi is the Lord of all he surveys in the Old City of Hyderabad and the whole area is his fiefdom. Every politician and analyst says Old City is the burrough of the MIM. It is believed that his word is the law and only his writ runs. But, things are a changing even there. A new wave is sweeping the Old City.

But, when senior Owaisi went to some areas in Yakutpura and Charminar segments to campaign for his candidates, he was in for a surprise. The people questioned him over non-performance and lack of development. They locals questioned him as to why the promises were not fulfilled. Then he went to Nampalli to campaign for MIM candidate Jafar Hussain Meraj. In Mangod Basti and Char Kandil, the people told him that he had seen the MLA during the electioneering four-and-a-half years ago. "We met the local corporators over drinking water related issues. Nothing was done. We finally approached the MLA, but to no avail.  He had not even bothered to listed to us," they said and asked the MIM leader to leave the colony as they do not want to listen to him and his MLA. Left with no option, Owaisi had to go back.

It is learnt that a shocked Owaisi went into a huddle with the MLAs of the three constituencies and warned them that their non-performance had badly damaged the image of the party. He asked them to be careful and work hard to win back the people's confidence.

Yes... the winds are breezing in a new direction even in the Old City