Only 22 Seats For 3 Parties In Mahakutami

Sun Oct 21 2018 09:47:17 GMT+0530 (IST)

Telangana Congress is willing to offer not more than 22 MLA Seats for all the three parties (TDP, TJS, CPI) which are part of Grand Alliance. While TDP was allotted 12 Seats, Telangana Jana Samithi received 7 seats. CPI could get only 2-3 seats.

Congress Leadership doesn't want to offer seats where other parties of Mahakutami lacks strength to emerge victorious. TDP appealed for 19 seats upon conducting a survey. TJS demanded as many as 25 seats apart from Common Minimum Program. CPI demanded 12 Seats where it have got it's presence. The Left Party sought respectable number of segments from the Congress.

TDP & CPI are more than happy with what they were offered by Congress. Whereas, TJS is no way going to settle for 7 seats. Kodandaram & other key leaders in the party have been giving indications that Congress will be on the losing side if they step out of Mahakutami. Kodandaram is likely to make a key announcement after Wednesday's Core Committee Meeting of TJS.