Only This Media Is Backing The YSRCP

Tue Feb 19 2019 15:19:03 GMT+0530 (IST)

Most of the conventional print and electronic media in AP is ranged against the YSRCP. In fact, this media has always been anti-Congress even before the formation of the YSRCP. In fact, these media houses are decidedly pro-TDP and set the agenda in favour of the TDP through their news coverage and views.

More interestingly, all the media houses, save one or two, are owned by only one community which is traditionally seen as a bulwark of support for the TDP. The ruling TDP too is said to be compensating them suitably and the TDP-Media nexus has firmed up over the years and the media is getting increasingly brazen on this issue.

though YS Jagan has his own media house, it is unable to put up a decent fight. Only the Social media is offering them support. The Social Media, which is not dependent on the government and does not need capitalist support, is being actively used by YSRCP supporters in a big way. The social media wing of the YSRCP and the YSRCP supporters are quite active on the social media and are effectively rebutting the Chandrababu's misinformation campaign.

It is because of this that the ruling TDP has tried very hard to control the social media and filed cases on pro-YSRCP elements. Despite this, the social media activists are relentlessly putting up a spirited battle. With elections round the corner, the social media role has become even more important. The social media is going to be of critical importance in the coming elections.