P Narayana - The Richest Minister in India!

Sat Aug 06 2016 10:50:44 GMT+0530 (IST)

Association of Democratic Reforms (ADR) conducted a survey on the criminal cases & assets owned by Ministers in 29 States & 2 Union Territories. Data of 609 out of 620 State Ministers have been collected.

AP Municipal Minister P Narayana tops the chart of Richest Ministers with a fortune of Rs 496 crore. Karnataka Minister Siva Kumar occupies 2nd place with assets worth Rs 251 crore.

On an average, Each of the Ministers in the country have assets to the tune of Rs 8.59 crore. In the case of AP Ministers, This stood at Rs 45.49 crore and they were the richest in the country. Ministers of Karnataka and Arunachal Pradesh occupy 2nd & 3rd position. Tripura is the state where its Ministers have Rs 31.67 lakh on an average and it is placed at bottom of the table.

34% of the Ministers (210) in the country face Criminal Cases. Out of them 113 were facing serious charges such as Murder & Kidnap. Maharashtra leads with 18 Ministers facing criminal charges. Bihar (11), Telangana (9), Jharkhand (9) were placed at 2nd, 3rd & 4th spots.

51 out of 609 Ministers comprise Women. Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu leads in most number of women ministers.

When it comes to Union Ministers, 14 of them face criminal cases and they own Rs 12.94 crore on an average.