Ex-Deputy CM's Wife Returns To Congress

Fri Oct 12 2018 10:29:43 GMT+0530 (IST)

Former Deputy CM Damodhar Raja Narasimha's Wife Padmini Reddy returned to Congress Party within hours after joining BJP.

Reportedly, Padmini Reddy aspires to be Sangareddy Congress Candidate. However, Congress Leadership is keen to offer the ticket to Jagga Reddy citing the rule of One Ticket Per Family.

On Thursday morning, Padmini Reddy joined BJP in the presence of Party President Laxman. She claimed to have chosen BJP due to the belief she have on Modi's leadership and vision.

This unexpected move not only shocked the Congress Party but also Damodhar Raja Narasimha who stopped his campaigning in Gajwel abruptly to reach Hyderabad. He was able to convince his wife to withdraw her decision. Padmini Reddy convened a press conference in the evening to inform she will continue in Congress respecting the views of her followers.