Did this CM target all the big heroes?

Sat Jul 15 2017 15:42:46 GMT+0530 (IST)

Film Industry and politics run on a mutual understanding. None of the popular actors, celebrities make comments on political leaders and vice versa. They go with such an understanding that no one appears to have any issues with others. But this CM seems to have shown his displeasure regarding the famous actors.

Going into the details, Tamil Nadu Government from 2009 have stopped issuing Awards for Tamil Films and kept it that way till now. But Edapadi Palaniswamy's Government announced the awards from the period of 2009 to 2014 recently and none of the famous Tamil Heroes and their films have received any award for this period.

In 2010, Rajni did Enthiran, in 2013, Kamal released Vishwaroopam but both did not get even an honorary mention for their efforts. Ajith and Vijay are also ignored by the Government. For 2009 - Karan, 2010 - Vikram, 2011 - Vimal, 2012- Jeeva, 2013 - Arya and 2014 - Siddharth won the awards for Best Actors and this angered the fans of the famous actors even though their performances and films have been revered during the time.

Several expressing an opinion that Government is still angry on the popular stars for announcing their unconditional support to Jallikattu and so they did take such a decision to honour young and small actors. Well, some even said it is Palaniswamy who is behind such a decision has he targeted the big stars! Well, we congratulate the award winners and will bring you latest on the issue, so keep watching this space!