Pawan Confusing Everyone Cleverly

Mon Apr 16 2018 23:06:31 GMT+0530 (IST)

Former Anakapalli MP Sabbam Hari opined Pawan Kalyan has been confusing everyone and he is doing that in a clever manner.

When quizzed about his opinion on Jana Sena Supremo, Sabbam Hari replied: 'In the beginning days, Pawan hasn't appeared like a serious politician. But, I believed he is a serious politician when he accused BJP of offering two stale laddus in the name of Special Package during Kakinada meeting. I thought he was fighting for the right cause. Later, I came to know from someone else that there was a rift between him and M Venkaiah Naidu…that's when he had gone against BJP. As Venkaiah isn't a BJP Member anymore, He might be considering tie up with BJP'.

Sabbam pointed out Pawan Kalyan has gone soft on TDP Government on many occasions. 'Pawan appeared like a trump card for Me as long as he maintained that relations with TDP. But now, I am clueless what would be his next move. Does he have any hidden agenda? Will he contest alone or Will there be a tie-up with BJP or TDP is a mystery for now. He is cleverly creating that confusion. He won't sail with Left Parties if there is a tie-up with BJP. Nobody knows what's there in his mind,' he opined.