Seven Principles of Jana Sena

Tue Jan 23 2018 16:47:42 GMT+0530 (IST)

Jana Sena President Pawan Kalyan disclosed the seven principles of his political party while addressing party activists in Karimnagar.

Pawan Kalyan: 'I might be born in AP, but Telangana had given Me rebirth. Jai Telangana is as great a slogan as that of Vande Mataram. I feel very happy and proud to launch my yatra in Telangana from Karimnagar. New Blood should enter Politics. Youth who took part in Telangana Movement must receive priority. Jana Sena will be a platform for the talented youngsters in the state'.

'Any party can't move forward without specific principles. Jana Sena have altogether 7 Principles - 1) Agenda to unite Castes, 2) Politics without mentioning about religions, 3) Respecting Languages, 4) Protecting Cultures, 5) Nationalism without ignoring Regionalism, 6) Uncompromising fight against Corruption and Atrocities, 7) Protection of Environment'.

Jana Sena Chief claimed he respects anybody who fights for people including KCR though he may differ with the Telangana CM in few aspects. 'Just because Telangana language and dialect were given priority in World Telugu Conference, That doesn't mean Poets & those who contributed for Telugu language in AP were dishonoured. When My Favourite Poet Guntur Seshendra Sharma's Wife complained over lack of invitation, I had appealed her to understand that World Telugu Conference should be treated as a special case as Telanganites had the feeling that their language and dialect has been neglected for decades,' he revealed.

Pawan Kalyan claimed to be willing to fight for the next 25 years. He asked party activists and supporters in Telangana to be prepared for 2019 Elections.