Attack By Goons After Power Cut? PK's Fumes!

Wed May 23 2018 20:47:31 GMT+0530 (IST)

Pawan Kalyan accused TDP of sending goons to attack him after power cut in the Kalyana Mandap where he stayed in Palasa. He claimed to have stepped into politics to face any situation. 'If any such attempt was made, I won't hesitate to thrash them by tearing their clothes,' he warned.

Jana Sena Chief cautioned: 'Telangana TDP got washed away due to Anti-People Politics and preferring Party Benefits over Public Welfare. AP TDP would face similar situation if their Leadership neglects people. After taking many u-turns on Special Status, Now a drama is being enacted in the name of Dharma Porata Deeksha. Chandrababu Naidu mortgaged AP for his personal gains'.

PK explained he extended support to TDP in 2014 to establish a stable government. He, however, regrets doing so as none of the promises were fulfilled by the TDP Government.

Jana Sena demanded Government to take decision based on majority people's opinion for land acquisition to establish Industries, so that issues such as Sompeta Thermal Project won't repeat. He found fault with the CPS Pension Policy which is worrying employees.