PK To Support YCP In Case Of Hung!

Thu Aug 16 2018 12:00:27 GMT+0530 (IST)

Pawan Kalyan wishes to be a King by 2019. He isn't averse to becoming King Maker if such a situation arise. Few comments made by Jana Sena Chief on the Independence Day are now widely discussed.

While addressing the party leaders, PK opined: 'NTR forayed into politics at the age of 60 after facing many hardships. KTR took part in the Telangana Movement and got elected as an MLA. What right does Nara Lokesh have to become Chief Minister?'.

In a way, Pawan Kalyan made it clear the Leader who gets elected by the public alone can be the Ruler. He gave an impression that Lokesh who chose shortcut to become Minister can't be CM.

If one can read between the lines, Jana Sena Supremo is more than willing to back YS Jagan-led YSR Congress Party if there is a possibility of Hung Assembly in 2019. In that way, Yuva Neta have a huge advantage!