Is It Andhrajyothi or TDPJyothi?: Pawan

Sun Apr 22 2018 10:45:51 GMT+0530 (IST)

Pawan Kalyan wished ABN Radhakrishna good morning and welcomed him to 'Battaludadesi Matladukundam - Battaludadusi Kodadam' on Sunday. 'Welcome back to #BMBK Program with Pawan Kalyan. Today our guest is Mr.RK who is MD of ?? RK, Nuvvu Nadipe Paper Peru Andhrajyothi? TDPJyothi? Endukante Adi Andhrulaku Sambandinchindi Ayithe Kadu...Asalu Endukantunnaro Ee Mata Anedi Vache Kodhi Varallo Oka Spastatha Vastundhi,' he wrote.

Thereafter, Jana Sena Chief tweeted about the fresh update from our ground staff on Ravi Prakash of TV9. He the shared a news paper cutting about slippers attack on TV9 CEO Ravi Prakash by the channel's former employee Ramana. The article even had a sub-heading - 'Naa Biddaku Emaina Hani Jarigithe Ravi Prakash De Badhyatha'.

Yesterday, Pawan Kalyan shared a video of a man falling on Ravi Prakash's feet and tweeted, 'Ravi, This is for your 9 pm show. Can you explain people the story behind that poor man?'. Reacting to the post, Ram Gopal Varma wrote it's a five year old incident and opined PK could be the last person to see it. He advised Pawan to kick out those idiots who advised him to share the video as they are more dangerous than Raju Raviteja of Pawanism. Nobody knows why Varma has been reacting on the Twitter rants against Media Bosses. Isn't this intelligent Filmmaker aware that it would make people believe the allegations made against them by Pawan Kalyan?