Pawan Unveils JFC Logo.. What Next?

Mon Feb 12 2018 22:03:31 GMT+0530 (IST)

Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan's idea of fighting for the rights of AP, taking inspiration from the Telangana agitation by constituting a JAC is slowly materialising.  It is known that Pawan has already revealed that JAC played a crucial role in the realisation of Telangana state, so he is following the similar path by setting up a JAC for achieving the implementation of promises made in the AP Reorganisation Act during the bifurcation.  He has changed the name to JFC later.

He already revealed that the JFC will be looking into several aspects.. What are the promises made by Centre to the AP during bifurcation? How far those promices have been implemented till now?   How many promises are still pending? How many funds released by the Central government? How much of those funds have been spent? etc.   Pawan said that Lok Satta founder JP and another politician Undavalli Arun Kumar and other experts will be part of the JFC.  Pawan has already met JP and Undavalli and discussed with them in this regard.

Continuing his action plan, Pawan released JFC logo now.  He has posted the logo on his Twitter account. Meanwhile, discussions have already been started in the political circles over the JFC.  Though Pawan's plan is good, there is curiosity on who are the leaders.. parties ready to sail with Pawan Kalyan.  They are discussing on several questions like 'How far Pawan JFC will succeed in achieving their goals? Is it possible to achieve the implementation of bifurcation promises with the leaders who are inactive in politics?  Who will actually benefit from this platform ultimately? How many leaders are going to walk with Pawan? If JAC is formed, what is the role of Pawan Kalyan in it?

On the other hand, people are expressing a few doubts on Pawan.  It is known that he asked the TDP government to reveal the details of Central funds to AP.  At the same time, he said that he will ask the Central government to reveal the funds released to AP.  Pawan said that JFC will study those details to find out the actual truth.   Now the question is.. will his former allies give those details?  It is interesting to see the action plan of Pawan if they don't give the details.