Why Has Pawan Kalyan Shouted At His Fans?

Tue Jul 10 2018 13:06:12 GMT+0530 (IST)

Fans go completely out of control the moment they see Pawan Kalyan. They become unruly and begin pushing and jostling. Sometimes, they crash onto the stage also. But, all along, Pawan Kalyan looked shy and quite uncomfortable dealing with the fans. He would only reluctantly ask them to maintain order and decorum. It is always a humble appeal and never a command.

But of late, Pawan Kalyan appears to have changed a bit. He has begun shouting them down. He is sternly telling them to mind their business and sit quiet. At a recent function of Chiru fans at Sandhya Function Hall in Hyderabad, Pawan chided them and behaved quite angrily with them.  When the fans became very unruly, he shouted at them. They began chanting 'Future CM Pawan' and Chiranjeevi Zindabad' slogans. At this Pawan got angry and shouted them down. Unlike his usual self, he gave them an earful and asked them to shut up.  Perhaps he is fed up with the fan overenthusiasm and their over reaction to various issues on social media. Many a time, Pawan fans are being accused of trolling and being abusive. All this must have weighed heavily in his mind.

Some, however, say that the real reason for his anger are the pro-Chiru slogans. Which one is the truth? Will anyone clarify??