In Talk: Pawan Kalyan's Lucky Escape!

Wed Dec 12 2018 20:18:44 GMT+0530 (IST)

Pawan Kalyan has done a favour to himself by refraining from either contesting in Telangana Assembly Polls or supporting any party/individuals/ associations. Had if Jana Sena contested, That could have been a big blunder ever committed by the Actor-turned-Politician due to lack of organization structure and negligible anti-incumbency against TRS. The results would have been the same even if Pawan Kalyan supported any party other than TRS or if he backed Independents /Candidates of Opposition Parties.

Apparently, Pawan Kalyan thought of extending his support to TRS prior to the polling. He, however, decided against taking such a stand after Lagadapati survey favoured Mahakutami. That is when Pawan played a safe game by asking Telanganites to vote according to their conscience. After the results were out, PK pretended as if that's what he intended to say through the video message.

Overall, Pawan Kalyan escaped luckily in the eleventh hour. Any wrong step prior to the polling of Assembly Polls could have been a death blow to Jana Sena not just in Telangana but also in AP as well. All those who admire PK breathed a sigh of relief the moment he unveiled the video message. It's more like Pawan Kalyan has delayed his downfall!