PK - Don't Contest, Remain Neutral!

Mon Oct 15 2018 19:10:42 GMT+0530 (IST)

Pawan Kalyan had recently informed media that he is considering fielding Jana Sena Candidates in 24 to 25 Constituencies in the upcoming Telangana Assembly Polls. He informed about his plans to convene a press conference to explain the action plan.

Opposition Parties in Telangana are now facing the heat. They fear that Jana Sena contesting in the elections would split the votes and eventually benefit the Ruling TRS.

AICC Secretary V Hanumantha Rao appealed Pawan Kalyan not to take any steps that weaken the Opposition Parties in Telangana. 'Came to know that Jana Sena will contest in 24-25 seats. I request Pawan Kalyan to reconsider his decision. He should focus on AP where his community is strong instead of testing waters in Telangana. I can't ask a political party not to contest elections but just placing a request to reconsider the decision and remain neutral,' he told.