Anchor Uncle: Lokesh Babu's Favourite

Fri Apr 20 2018 14:24:32 GMT+0530 (IST)

Provoking a person who minds his own business will surely land the people in trouble who tried to provoke.  Elders say that when you point a finger at someone four fingers will be pointed to you.  The same thing is happening with Pawan Kalyan detractors now.  Targeting Pawan unnecessarily with criticism.. debates.. special discussions made him angry and he came up with series of tweets now.

Pawan tried to expose the conspiracy going on against him through his tweets.  While revealing the details of the attack on him, he posted a video clip of popular TV anchor.  He made an objectionable remark on cinema field which can't be written here.  The anchor used that remark during a discussion with Posani Krishna Murali.

By posting the video clip, Pawan commented that AP Minister Lokesh likes that popular anchor and he fondly calls him 'Uncle'.  The elderly person who runs debates, discussion on the popular TV channel and all the Telugu people know about his 'language'. While speaking about media, Pawan slammed them that "Once landlords used to be the Lords  but media heads became the Lords now.. whatever they say it the truth."