Pawan Sensation: What Can They Do To Me?

Wed Dec 06 2017 15:27:30 GMT+0530 (IST)

Pawan has been away from the politics for the last few months as he was busy with the shoot of his ongoing film. Though he kept on saying that he will enter into full-time politics, he was silent until December first week. Suddenly, he has announced his schedule and visited Vishakhapatnam in the first phase.  He found fault in the attempts to privatize Dredging Corporation of India which is bringing profits.

Pawan said that "Why are you privatizing the Dredging Corporation which is into profits?  When Dredging Corporation started at the end of 1960, the share value was Rs.10. Now they have taken the value to Rs.700 and this shows how effectively the corporation is functioning.  We can understand privatizing a sick Public Sector Unit(PSU) but we will not accept the privatization of a profitable PSU.  They are saying that the corporation is not clearing dues.. but there are outstanding amounts from other government institutions.  Selling off the profitable PSU by showing those outstanding payments is nothing but purposefully killing it.  I will oppose this kind of decisions."

Pawan reiterated that he will not take the side of either TDP or BJP but he will take the side of people.  He said he never asked anybody for a favour. When his film 'Sardaar Gabbar Singh' encountered Censor issues, he didn't ask for anybody's help.  He said that if he comes across problems he will face them but he will not run away.

He said that he is receiving warnings that if he talks against state and central governments he will have to face problems..  he has to encounter cases.  Pawan said that "I'm asking.. what can they do?"  

He said that he has only one life and he is ready to lose it for the sake of people.  He is ready to be beaten up for providing solutions to the people's problems.. ready to shed his blood ready to go to jail.  He said that he has only one family..that is people family.. they are his friends and he doesn't have any fears.. but he has only courage.  He said that he is talking like this as he got fed up with the situation.  He reiterated that he will continue to question the mistakes of the government and questioned what they will do?

He said that he doesn't like to get into fights but he focuses on solving issues. He sad bifurcation issues are still haunting the people.. Telangana government is not caring the issues of AP people in Hyderabad.  They are saying that there are some issues post-bifurcation but there are no attempts being made to solve them.

He said that he will not ask for others help if he encounters problems.. never sought the help of personal issues and never approached others.  He said that he didn't have the greed towards power and he is not thinking of becoming a CM by contesting in the elections.   He said that CM post requires experience.. and he feels that power is a responsibility.. it is not right to think that becoming a CM is important for solving issues.  He said that if at all he wanted power he could have contested from Anakapalli or Vizag in 2009 itself.. who could have stopped him?  He asked "Can't I win by contesting?  He added that he will demonstrate what happens if a beaten person revolts.

When Pawan was giving his speech, there were loud cheers with slogans of CM.. CM.  Pawan interrupted them saying that don't do the same mistakes others are doing. He requested them to stop their slogans.  He said that Hari Babu.. Avanti Srinivas may escape from stopping the privatization of Dredging Corporation but Jana Sena will not escape from it.  He said that it is the responsibility of all parties to stop the privatization of Dredging Corporation.  He said that he never asked PM Narendra Modi a favour and he is writing a letter to him for the first time to stop the privatization of Dredging Corporation.  He has also shown the letter.

Pawan said that if we don't stop the privatization of Dredging Corporation.. they will get ready to privatise the Steel Plant as well in future.  He said that he didn't enter politics for the sake of posts.  He said that people will have place in his mind but not parties.   He said he will not hesitate to follow any party which will look after the welfare of the people.

He clarified that he doesn't have any differences with Narendra Modi.. but he has some objections regarding his policies.  He concluded that he will work towards finding a solution to Dredging Corporation issue. He promised them that he will stop the privatization and it is not right to handover profitable PSU to the private persons.