Pawan Kalyan thanked people for Bandh success

Mon Apr 16 2018 21:08:15 GMT+0530 (IST)

Andhra Pradesh Bandh has been called upon by Janasena and Communist parties, who formed JAC, for getting special category status to Andhra Pradesh on Monday.

The Bandh has successfully ended without any major issues for public. Police have been highly efficient and even leadership has been highly focused on creating any ruckus.

Pawan Kalyan, Janasena party president addressed the media calling off Bandh and said, "People of Andhra Pradesh welcomed the Bandh, voluntarily and they showed how they desire the Special Category Status. Indian Government should understand this now."

He also added, "We do not encourage Bandh culture. But this is the necessity of the times, we are in."

Pawan Kalyan further said that he will take forward this moment in a more peaceful and practical manner to help the people to have their daily lives peacefully while on the other hand, this huge desire and need for Special Category Status will be made known to Indian Government.

On the subject, Ambika Krishna, Tollywood producer said, "TV artists and Cinema artists will rally one day at Vijayawada in support of Special Category Status for AP. Many want to show their solidarity for the moment and we will soon announce the date."