Pawan's Simplicity - An Election Stunt?

Mon Mar 25 2019 14:18:39 GMT+0530 (IST)

Few Photographs of Pawan Kalyan have been circulated on Social Media to highlight his simplicity. Jana Sena Supremo was found eating while sitting on a mat under the tree in one particular photograph. This happened when Pawan was in Machilipatnam for poll campaigning.

Jana Sainiks have been circulating these pictures on the Social Media as if its happening for the first time in the World. What's the big deal if Pawan Kalyan leads his life in a simple manner? It's just a personal choice!

Circulating these photographs ahead of the elections give an impression that its nothing but a political stunt. What more would Pawan Kalyan do in the next two weeks?

Can such election stunts fetch votes? People of AP have already made up their minds over their choice of candidates and parties. Any kind of campaigning won't influence the election results much at this stage.

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