Rains Stop Pawan's Yatra, Not YS Jagan's

Tue Jul 17 2018 17:12:00 GMT+0530 (IST)

A leader is known by his determination and dedication to the cause. Come what may, the scheduled programmes have to go on. But, Pawan does not appear to believe in all these.

All his yatras are being organized in parts with long intervals and breaks. Citing some reason or the other, Pawan is suddenly giving a break to the yatra. He then goes into the rest mode for sometime before again plunging into the yatra. He had assured to do a padayatra in drought-hit Anantapur. But, nothing has happened. These days, he is focusing on North Andhra and had said that he would incessantly tour for three months. But, he had actually taken several breaks. His tour of East Godavari was stopped midway without any prior announcement. Now, no one knows when the yatra would re-start.

When asked party's district incharge Kaluvakonalu Thulasi said that Pawan had called off his yatra temporarily due to rains. Interestingly, Jagan, whohas been walking for over 250 days, has not taken a break despite rains. When Jagan can continue his yatra, what is preventing Pawan from doing the same?