Pawan Self Goal.. Damage With Chiru Topic

Thu Dec 07 2017 13:56:12 GMT+0530 (IST)

There was a huge response to Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan as came before the before the people after a brief gap.  Pawan talked about Chiranjeevi Praja Rajyam Party during his speech and this has created a huge stir among the political circles.  Other party leaders are raising several questions regarding Pawan's political motives after his speech.  Pawan said that he will teach a lesson to the people who betrayed his brother, and his Praja Rajyam Party.

With this kind of response, several questions are being raised.  Pawan said that he entered politics to question on behalf of the common people.  Did he really come with this motive or he wanted to take revenge on the persons or groups who created troubles to his brother in his political journey from PRP Launch to the disappearance from the active politics.

Pawan comments are indeed raising the same doubts.  Pawan said that his brother floated PRP to bring a change in the politics and do good to the people.. but several people betrayed him and his party.  "It's not enough to scold them or beat them. They should be taught a lesson.  I can't forget who destroyed PRP even for a second. All the names are in my heart."  These statements are turning controversial now.

With this kind of comments, discussions started in the political circles that there is a hidden agenda behind Jana Sena party.  Even though Pawan is coming into the people once in a few months, he is able to show impact with his craze. But the people who are neutral and supportive to Pawan also started rethinking about Pawan's agenda.  Some of them are commenting that Pawan unnecessarily brought Chiranjeevi PRP into the picture and he scored a self-goal.. and this has damaged Pawan's image.

Not only that some people are saying that.. if Pawan comes to power with his craze.. political conditions in the state.. social equations, there might be revenge politics and Pawan's statements are clear indications to that.  Even some Pawan fans are also saying that Pawan has damaged his political image with a single statement.