Why Pawan Kalyan Ran away?

Tue Feb 20 2018 14:52:27 GMT+0530 (IST)

Pawan Kalyan convened a press conference on Monday to accept the challenge thrown by YCP Supremo regarding the No Confidence Motion. Upon saying he is gonna take the responsibility to get the support of 50 MPs if Jagan moves No Trust Motion against the Modi Government, Jana Sena Chief ran away without giving a chance for the media persons to raise any questions. That's when Journalists realized the true meaning of 'Chalo Re Chalo Re Chal...'.

Mediapersons who wished to ask few queries were miffed with this unexpected move of Pawan Kalyan. Some of them even questioned what's the need for press conference if we don't get the opportunity to ask. They feel Jana Sena Chief should have placed Tweets or released statement/selfie video if he doesn't wish to respond on media questionnaire. A satire is now in circulation - 'PK floated party to Question but he doesn't allow Media to do so'.

Whereas, Sources close to Jana Sena clarifies Pawan Kalyan want the focus of media to be only on the challenge accepted by him for people's welfare rather than anything else. Hence, He choose not to answer any of the media queries but that doesn't mean he have any other hidden intentions.