Pawan Kalyan Declares War Against TDP

Wed Mar 14 2018 20:46:18 GMT+0530 (IST)

Pawan Kalyan breathed fire on TDP Government in Today's Jana Sena Party meeting at Guntur. 'TDP Government didn't even fight for Special Status. I am ready to die for my state & mother land. CM got emotional in Assembly for AP Capital. Why didn't he get emotional after cholera deaths in Guntur. TDP Leaders said AP will be scam-Andhra if YCP comes to power. Today, AP has become Corruption-Andhra. Why should we support TDP in 2019?,' he questioned.

Jana Sena Chief questioned, 'Whether the corruption of Nara Lokesh didn't come to CM's notice or Was it happening with his consent? TDP MLAs say they have Rs 25 crore to spend in each constituency in next election. From where did they get this money? Was that their hard-earned money? TDP Government failed to satisfy any section of people in the past four years. 2019 Elections willn't be as easy as that of 2014 for TDP. Accept money from TDP Leaders at the time of elections but vote for Jana Sena. They play tricks like making you (people) promise on the god. Don't worry, I will speak to God. There is no harm in pocketing the bribe offered by these corrupt/opportunistic politicians'.

Mentioning about CM's dream of building Singapore-like capital, Pawan Kalyan said: 'To build Singapore-like capital, You need to offer Singapore-like Rule. Why didn't you take action on MLA after the assault on MRO Vanajaksi? Do you need a Pawan Kalyan to bring Uddanam to your notice? Why didn't the local MLAs and MPs try to resolve it for decades? Why it's always people who migrate? Why not politicians? CM claimed he would built a world-class capital by selling red sandalwood. What has he done so far?'.

Pawan Kalyan informed Jana Sena Party would disclose it's Election Manifesto on August 14th, 2018. He pledged to launch the movement along with like-minded parties like CPI and CPM. 'What happened in the case of Special Status sets bad precedent. Tomorrow, Centre applies the same rule of every other promise. I am ready to take up indefinite fast at any time or sacrifice my life. Let's make the Central Government understand the self respect of Andhrites. Bharat Mata Ki Jai...Jai Hind!,' he chanted.