Who Cheated Whom Pawan?

Thu Dec 07 2017 12:28:29 GMT+0530 (IST)

"A few parasites have eaten Megastar Chiranjeevi who was thinking of doing good to the people..  Their betrayal to the people is more serious than their betrayal to my brother.  For short-term benefits and temporary profits, they have stopped a great attempt.  I don't have any pain for not getting seats and power. My only pain is that we couldn't able to offer new age politics."  This is what Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan has spoken about his elder brother Chiranjeevi political life and his Praja Rajyam Party stint in his recent speech.

This has become a sensation now.  This speech is raising so many new doubts regarding Pawan Kalyan.  In his speech Pawan also warned that he will not leave the people who betrayed his brother and he will teach them a good lesson.   But if we consider the developments from the Praja Rajyam Party launch to its merger with Congress Party one can have a fair understanding about who cheated whom.. who betrayed whom.. who smashed whose the political careers.  

When actor Chiranjeevi floated Praja Rajyam Party in 2008, his younger brother Pawan Kalyan was very active in the party. He is now preparing his own party Jana Sena for the 2019 elections.   When PRP was in the elelection fray in 2009, Pawan tourned every nook and corner of united AP.  He knows the then political situation and he knows present political sitution.  He knows what all the changes happened in these ten years.  Moreover he must have known that main goal behind floating PRP.. so he must have made this kind of comments say political analysts.  They are saying that Pawan's pain is all about his brother's unfulfilled wish of sitting on the CM chair.  They are also expressing doubts over the secret agreements during the merger of PRP into the Congress party.  There are discussions going on in the social media regarding all these things.

On the other hand,  one can not deny the fact that what Chiranjeevi lost by mergering his PRP into Congress very less compared to the other PRP leaders who came from other parties believing Chiru at that time.  Now, people are reminding the names of such leaders because many of them faded away from the political scene.

Devender Goud, Tammineni Seetaram, Kothaplli Subbarayudu.. the list is very big.   Devender Goud enjoyed top position in TDP as Telangana leader but he floated Nava Telangana Praja Party.  He merged his party into PRP.  In the later developments he lost all his political image.  Even the situation of Tammineni Seetaram is similar. He worked as a minister in the TDP government.  His political career got spoiled after joining in PRP.  Kothappalli Subbarayudu story is no different.  He has a good relation with Chandrababu but he believed Chiranjeevi and left TDP.  Right from 2009 he is suffering with failures.  His followers still say that leaving TDP and joining in PRP spoiled his career. He is presently in YSRCP.  People are reminding of many such PRP leaders.

Now, what about the situation of Chiranjeevi who merged PRP in Congress?  He received Rajya Sabha membership and central ministership in UPA government for merging 18 MLAs into the Congress.  He might not have achieved CM chair.. if the Congress situation would have been good then that might have also happened.  There is a talk that Chiranjeevi received such proposal from High Command at the time of bifurcation but Chiru himself rejected considering the complications.  On the whole, there is not much loss to Chiranjeevi.   Then who suffered loss?  Netizens are saying that the leaders who believed him .. fans who supported him, caste people, the people of the state are the losers.

Some netizens are even criticising that Pawan might be referring to the Chiranjeevi family members who looked after PRP party affairs and Ticket issues.  On the whole, by reminding of his elder brother Pawan indirectly said what he is going to do.  Considering this some netizens are even cautioning the intelligent leaders not to follow him but stay in their existing parties.