PK To Mediate Between Babu & Mudragada?

Sun Jan 21 2018 15:11:55 GMT+0530 (IST)

Pawan Kalyan is going to launch his Political Yatra from Kondagattu Anjaneyaswamy Temple. This crucial announcement days after Jana Sena Leaders met Mudragada Padmanabham raised many eye-brows. Though there are huge number of fans for Pawan Kalyan, Jana Sena is yet to have an organizational structure. May be, The experience of Mudragada will come in handy for laying a strong foundation.

Jana Sena is maintaining ties with TDP and the alliance might continue for 2019 Polls as well. There is a change in Mudragada's approach after TDP passed the Kapu Reservation bill in Assembly. Pawan Kalyan could play the role of a mediator between Chandrababu and Mudragada if everything falls in place.

After Tuni incident, Pawan Kalyan condemned the violence but didn't offer his support to the Kapu Reservations directly. He just asked State Government to admit frankly if it's unable to offer reservation for Kapu Community. It was a strategic move intended to prevent the impression that he is a representative of Kapus. But now, He seems to targeting both Kapu vote bank and Neutral Voters.