PK Calls This MLA A Rowdy Sheeter

Tue Sep 25 2018 17:33:32 GMT+0530 (IST)

Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan claimed he extended support to TDP in 2014 trusting the experience and administrative capabilities of Chandrababu Naidu. He now feels that Law & Order wasn't maintained properly under TDP Rule.

Pawan Kalyan: 'Being an MLA from Denduluru, Chintamaneni Prabhakar manhandled MRO Vanajakshi & Police Officers in the past. What was the response of CM on such illegal activities? If such situation continues, Government Officials will be scared to do their duty sincerely. If the Government fails to curtail such incidents, Situation at the ground level could go out of control. On September 10th, MLA has thrashed and abused a dalit by name John. Chintamaneni behaves like a rowdy sheeter, not as an MLA. 37 cases were booked against this TDP Legislator. If an SC/ST Atrocities case is filed Today, The count would go up to 38. CM and DGP should focus on it as early as possible. TDP conducts programmes like Dalit Tejam but it's MLA beats up an SC at his residence. Chintamaneni spares nobody, be it women or dalits. MLAs should behave responsibly. I am asking CM whether if he makes his MLA maintain discipline or people have to do that? The situation will be in nobody's control if the public take the law into their hands. Chintamaneni isn't an MLA..He is a rowdy sheeter..Open PD Act against him. I am coming to Denduluru Tomorrow. Let's talk there itself! I keep receiving complaints that Chintamaneni has been threatening Jana Sainiks'.

Jana Senani warned TDP Government not to create a situation where public revolt against Rowdy MLA. He asked CM to decide whether if he takes action or makes public take the law into their hands.