You Don't Have The Right To Ask Votes In 2019: Pawan

Wed Dec 06 2017 17:15:22 GMT+0530 (IST)

Pawan delivered a sensational speech in Vizag today while expressing his solidarity with the agitating Dredging Corporation of India(DCI) employees.  While speaking at the venue he said that he and Jana Sena will support DCI employees in their rightful fight demanding the government not to privatise DCI.

Pawan said that DCI is one of the top ten best dredging companies in the world which is into profits. But the outstanding payments of DCI has to come from other government sector companies.  So the responsibility of clearing the pending amounts to the DCI lies with the government.  He said that this can't be the reason for showing a profitable DCI as a loss-making PSU.  

He explained the reason why he came to Vizag.  He said "I came to Vizag before last elections and asked you to support BJP-TDP alliance and vote for them. So, I have the moral responsibility to towards you when there is an issue and I'm not trying to escape.  Local MP Haribabu garu might escape..Anakapalli MP Avanti Srinivas may escape from the responsibilities.   But As a person who asked you people to vote for BJP-TDP, I will not escape."

"I'm not asking whether how much change I made.  The people who should take up this responsibility have left these issues.  As I said during the last election campaign that I will never hesitate to question the ruling party if something goes wrong.   I came here to do that now."

"What I'm asking is political accountability.  You have promised political accountability to the people by swearing in on the constitution.  You are in power because of that.  You come to people when you want votes. If we ask about issues you say that High command will take the decision.. party heads will take the decision.  If that's the case, you don't have the right to ask for votes.  As you could not take up the people's issues, you do not have the right to ask for votes in 2019.. You don't have the right. You don't have.(In a louder voice amidst cheers from the crowd)"