Karunanidhi An Atheist, Still This Happened?

Thu Aug 09 2018 21:57:03 GMT+0530 (IST)

DMK Supremo M Karunanidhi doesn't believe in God. He was never in favour of religious ideals and known to be the last atheist politician of the Dravidian Parties. On the other hand, Not many knew that Karunanidhi's residence was right next to a Krishna people. A video of priests visiting DMK Chief's house and chanting mantras surfaced online in the fast. It drew severe criticism as the Kalaignar was a self-proclaimed Atheist.

Karunanidhi once explained he might be atheist but people around him may believe in god. He claimed to be a person who would never impose his ideas, in such matters, on others including my family members.

DMK demanded that Karunanidhi should be laid to rest at Marina Beach where memorials of Dravidian Leaders Anandurai, MGR and Jayalalithaa exist. Karunanidhi's Family has firmly opposed burial at Gandhi Mandapam.

Usually, Atheist don't believe there will either swarg or narak & even don't trust the 'next life' theory. Much to the surprise of many, Karunanidhi was laid to rest in Marina Beach. Donating the mortal remains to a medical college could have been appreciable. Neither Karunanidhi nor his Family don't want that to happen. Is it just because they don't want to ruin the future of DMK?