Jagan in AP - Modi In Delhi!

Mon Mar 12 2018 21:35:37 GMT+0530 (IST)

Posani Krishna Murali reiterated he would neither contest 2019 Polls nor accept any posts. He, however, is pretty sure that his vote/support will be for Jagan in AP and Narendra Modi at the National Level.

Asked if he would back Modi even when injustice is being done to AP, The Actor clarified he supports PM if he helps the state. 'I am sure Modi would develop AP. He is a honest person. Something happened..whether it's a defect or something else. I would have told you what it is if I am aware of it,' he commented.

When quizzed what should be done for achieving Special Status, Posani suggested: 'All the AP MLAs, Ministers and MPs should launch fast-unto-death in Vijayawada. I am ready to join them. People shouldn't be involved in it! Potti Sriramulu lasted for 58-59 days while fasting. Let's do it for 30 days. If we could do that, Modi will land in AP to grant Special Status. You can kill Me if Modi doesn't do so. Plan B - 3 crore AP People need to launch padayatra to Delhi. It will be another wonder in the world'.