Why Didn't Prakash Raj & Ramya VOTE?

Mon May 14 2018 22:01:55 GMT+0530 (IST)

Actors Prakash Raj and Ramya/Divya Spandana faced the wrath of netizens for failing to cast their votes in the recently concluded Karnataka Assembly Polls. Sadly, Ramya didn't find time to cast her vote inspite of being a key member in the Congress Party. Seems like, Political Parties has to issue a whip to ensure all of their leaders exercise the right to vote.

On Saturday, Ramya appealed people of Karnataka to cast their votes. She, however, ended up failing to cast her vote.

Even Prakash Raj was seen explaining to people about the importance of vote during his election campaigning. He appealed public to cast their votes wisely for ensuring we have a vibrant, inclusive and futuristic India. Then, Why did this Acclaimed Actor cast his vote wisely?

Here a harsh tweet targeting both the Celebs - 'The great Congress IT cell head @divyaspandana and great FOS champion @prakashraaj skip from casting their votes. Both who used to blabber nonsense day & night against PM @narendramodi teaching him responsibilities of P/Minister has today forgotten their own duty as a citizen'.