Don't Take Us Back Into Stone Age: Prakash Raj

Mon Jan 22 2018 23:10:39 GMT+0530 (IST)

Union Minister Satyapal Singh commented Darwin's theory of evolution of man isn't scientific and nobody has witnessed an ape turning into a man.

Prakash Raj mocked the Union Minister for digging the past unnecessarily. 'Our ancestors have not seen ape evolving into man” says minister. But dear sir, Can you deny that we are witnessing the evolving into ape by digging the past and trying to take us back into STONE AGE,' he wrote.

Whereas, Satyapal Singh remained firm on his stand and told there is hardly any evidence to prove the theory is right. He even called for an international debate on the issue to reach a logical conclusion.

When quizzed if Centre would delete references to Darwin's theory from school textbooks, Mr.Singh said he would welcome if HRD Ministry comes forward to conduct an international conference to find out what's the actual fact.

The Minister found fault with Media for projecting his statement as something controversial. He claims many evidences have been found against Darwin's theory in the past century. 'It's not my statement…many scientists across the World have expressed those views,' he clarified.