Are you Amitabh or NTR?: BJP MP to Prakash Raj

Mon Nov 13 2017 19:01:42 GMT+0530 (IST)

Mysore BJP MP Prathap Simha came down heavily on Prakash Raj who slammed PM Narendra Modi, UP CM Yogi Adityanath and Right-Wing Groups over Gauri Lankesh Murder, Cow Vigilantes, Alarming rise in deaths of children in UP Hospital, Demonetisation, GST and Intolerance.

Prathap Simha: 'Prakash Raj is just an ordinary Actor, not a world-famous personality. Is he Dr.Rajkumar or Amitabh or MGR or NTR? Even those Legends haven't made such comments ever? Prakash Raj is simply assuming he is a great actor. Prakash Raj is running away to another place after making a comment. Whereas, I won't go to anywhere and continue to stay in my constituency'.

The Parliamentarian suspects Prakash Raj might be making such remarks on the Government for personal gains. 'Can't he see the frequent deaths of children in Kolaru Hospital in Karnataka? Why didn't he respond on the brutal murder of RSS Leader Sarath Madiwala? Has he gone blind then? People will teach a lesson if you continue to speak in such manner,' he questioned.