'Tollywood being targeted to divert the issue'

Sat Jul 15 2017 23:28:35 GMT+0530 (IST)

Actor-cum-Producer Ashok Kumar responded on the drug racket issue which is shaking the Telugu Film Industry. He blamed North Indians for the cosmopolitan culture in Hyderabad.

Ashok Kumar: 'Actually, Drugs doesn't exist in Hyderabad. Cosmopolitan culture has come here due to the North Indians Heroines. Cine Glamour helps in glorifying good or bad things. Notices might have been sent to 12 Film Personalities based on few leads. May be, Film Personalities might be involved but the could be just 0.001 percentage. Thousands of school and college students have been addicted to drugs. To divert that issue, Film Industry has been targeted. Whoever might be involved, It's a wrong to do & we should condemn it'.  

Majority of the Film Personalities have been accepting the fact that there are drug addicts in Tollywood. They, however, maintain that percentage is very less than what general public assume. Even Excise Enforcement Officials can't confirm all the 12 celebs who were issued notices were involved in drug racket case as of now.