Who Is She Moving Close To Modi?

Tue Mar 13 2018 12:11:16 GMT+0530 (IST)

The people who follow politics and programmes at the national level must have observed a lady in an important event yesterday.  PM Narendra Modi and France President Emmanuel Macron visited Benaras yesterday.  On this occasion, a lady was moving close to Narendra Modi.  She was speaking with Modi in the event.  Many people wondered who is she and what she is doing in that event?

This is not the first time but whenever a foreign leaders visit India she will be accompanying Narendra Modi she will be speaking with him.   Who is she? Why is she accompanying Modi?  She is Neelakshi Sinha. She is the official interpreter of PM Modi.  Whenever foreign leaders visit India, Modi speaks in Gujarati and Neelakshi interprets his speech to the foreign languages.   Similarly, she interprets the foreign language of the leader into either Gujarati or Hindi for Modi.  She is a specialist in interpreting foreign languages to Hindi and Gujarati and vice versa.

Neelakshi has worked as an interpreter for Modi for 14 foreign tours till now.  She is presently working as a director in Ministry of External Affairs West Africa division.  What Neelakshi did in Benaras yesterday was that she interpreted Modi's speech to French and Emmanuel Macron's speech to Gujarati.  That's the reason why she is able to move close to Narendra Modi.. she is able to talk with him.