TDP MLA Says - KCR, KTR Are Super

Wed Mar 14 2018 18:21:07 GMT+0530 (IST)

Another MLA has showered praises on Telangana CM, TRS party chief KCR.  He has also appreciated KCR son, minister KTR also.  Surprisingly he is not a TRS MLA.. he is a TDP MLA.  He is BC Welfare Society president, TDP MLA R. Krishnaiah.  He said that KCR has created history.   While thanking for the governor speech in the assembly, Krishnaiah said KCR brought Telangana state and created history.  He hoped that KCR should create even greater history by developing Telangana.  He appreciated the CM for the hard work KCR is doing towards the development of Telangana.

Krishnaiah also praised KTR that he is very proactive in the industrial sector.  He suggested that we should utilise the available resources in the industrial sector.  He requested the government to take up measures for the development of SC, ST, BC communities.  He extended his support to TRS MPs in their fight for reservations.  He said that the state can increase the ST reservations through a single GO.  He suggested the government to take a quick decision by discussing with the concerned officials.

He requested the government to fill up the vacancies of group IV posts. He said that CM's discussions for the benefit of BCs are historical and he requested the CM to increase reservations for BCs in the legislative houses as well.   As TDP is almost disappeared in Telangana, R. Krishnaiah comments grabbed the attention of everybody.  There are only two MLAs remaining in the TDP and Krishnaiah is one of them.  It is interesting that he is also appreciating KCR.