Heroes Should Give Up Their Lands - R Krishnaiah

Mon Apr 16 2018 20:40:37 GMT+0530 (IST)

Senior political leader and BC caste community leader, R. Krishnaiah came out in public to talk about the casting couch issue in Telugu Cinema Industry.

He said, "In real life, heroes run away even watching dogs on streets. Such people shouldn't feel complacent and do whatever they please."

He continued, "It is clear that there is a discrimination in Industry and casting couch is bringing out many of such issues. We cannot sit idle while these people do whatever they like to.

"There will be a big uprising against these Tollywood bigwigs in coming days if they don't give up on their lands that they bought illegally.

"If they don't give up, we will forcefully make people build tents there. We will not tolerate such discrimination and Studios should be reformed immediately. There should be a Goverment committee that looks after the studios and their working culture," he demanded the Telangana Government.

After Sri Reddy brought out the dark secrets of Telugu Cinema Industry, many are talking about other issues with the people in the Industry and this seems to not have any end soon.