Why Did Paritala Sunitha Attack Jagan?

Thu Nov 23 2017 12:17:23 GMT+0530 (IST)

Minister Paritala Sunitha minds her own business & stays away from criticizing anybody despite being active in politics. She choose not to react even when Revanth Reddy made serious allegations against her Son Paritala Sriram ahead of joining Congress. But now, She came down heavily on YS Jaganmohan Reddy.

Paritala Sunitha: 'Jagan has been criticizing every programme of the TDP Government. He is speaking blatant lies during the Padayatra. To become CM of AP, Jagan is making unbelievable poll promises. All his life, He will continue to visit courts and jails but can't become Chief Minister forever'.

Why did Paritala Sunitha came all guns blazing at Jagan? Is there pressure from the Party Leadership to launch attack against the Opposition Leader?

After the ouster of Palle Raghunadha Reddy from cabinet, Paritala Sunitha became the most powerful leader in Anantapur District. But now, TDP Leadership offered good posts to both Palle and Payyavula Keshav. May be, This development prompted Paritala Sunitha to play much active role.