Why Should Chandrababu Hack Our TV??

Mon Apr 16 2018 12:38:34 GMT+0530 (IST)

Yes.. You have read it right.  AP CM, TDP chief Nara Chandrababu Naidu hacked the TV of a person.  As the TV is not displaying any picture other than Chandrababu, the person got irritated with the TV and complained the same to Rachakonda police in Hyderabad.  The complaint is true but hacking is false.  This is a psychological disorder called paranoid schizophrenia.  

The lady who complained said that "When I switch on my TV Chandrababu appears. Even though I change the channel he is the only person coming on TV.  He has hacked our TV.  When I asked the cable operator, he said he didn' understand whats going on because all the others are getting cable TV perfectly well. Why should Chandrababu hack our TV?  Police should take action."

Another woman complained "An unidentified person sexually abused me.  It has happened virtually.  Why did he target me?  I'm very much angry with him.  If he comes to me again I kill him. Please conduct an enquiry and find out the offender."

Rachakonda police have shared with the media that they are getting this kind of complaints.  In the above two incidents, the people didn't see the others.  They are continuously fighting with their enemies in the dream world.  They will be in illusions.. they are unable to find out the difference between an illusion and reality.  As police are getting this kind of complaints, they are sending the persons to Psychiatrists for counselling them.

The symptoms of Paranoid Schizophrenia

-There will be many illusions.  They feel that somebody is chasing them

-They feel that somebody is observing their every action and government is spying on them

-They think that everybody surrounding them are trying to harm them
-They keep on listening some noises in their ears.. as if others are talking about them

-They feel that some people are planning attacks on them

-They doubt that their colleagues, neighbours are trying to poison them

-If others say that they are just illusions, they will not accept and they will get into arguments